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Board Roles

The Emmaus community here in Southeast Michigan have a wonderful group of volunteers who help us fulfill our mission. Here is a list of our board roles.

Community Lay Director

The Community Lay Director is elected annually by board from among returning board members to serve during the upcoming year. The primary duties of the chair of the board of directors are as follows: 

  • Lead each Board meeting in accordance to an agenda he/she has prepared in advance and monitor board member follow through on assignments. 
  • Conduct each Board meeting in accordance with the by-laws of the Emmaus Community and Robert’s rules of order. 
  • Assure the Board adheres to the articles of the by-laws and these by-laws are kept current. (By-laws are reviewed every 5 years.) 
  • Communicate to the board all Emmaus Ministry and Upper Room ministries (Nashville) policies, training and general information provided regarding the model given to the board in the Community Manual, 
  • Assure that the annual covenant sent from Nashville is signed by each Board member and returned to Nashville. 
  • Communicate to Nashville at the beginning of each calendar year the active Board members and scheduled walk dates. 
  • Assure new Board members are trained in Board procedures and model compliance. 
  • Have a mature understanding of the Emmaus movement, the Emmaus Ministries programs, and team formation in order to help the board make decisions that maintains the high quality of the Emmaus movement. 
  • Assure that all Community Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are in line with the intent of the By-Laws, Covenant, Community, Directors and Team Manuals. 
  • Following Board selection of Lay Directors, extend the formal invitation to serve to each nominee. Communicate their response to the Board. Ensure the Lay Director receives training and provide them with the following material: Lay Director Box, Talk Outlines, Palm Cross, 3 Day Schedule, Director and Team manuals. 
  • Assure all training functions are manned for the first team training and that the training materials align with Emmaus manuals and community SOP’s. This includes the Board Overview, Conference Room Team, Non-Conference room Support, AV and Music. 
  • Participate in each closing for both men’s and women’s walks as outlined in the Closing agenda, by welcoming the event participants to the Emmaus Community, announcing upcoming Emmaus activities and presenting the leaders for the next event. 
  • Assure all other duties outlined in the Community Manual as; Community Lay Director’s Responsibilities are adhered to.
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Community Spiritual Director

The Community Spiritual Director is an active Clergyperson who serves the Board, Lay Community and Clergy Community by:

  • Being elected annually by the Board 
  • Serving on the Board as an officer
  • Being responsible to Board for communications and updates
  • Encouraging spiritual health of the entire Community 
  • Keeping Community focused on Jesus Christ and on its purpose Serves the Clergy 
  • Representing, interpreting and promoting service to other Clergy 
  • Managing Clergy database 
  • Providing Training for Clergy
  • Helping to Select/Train Weekend SD/ASD
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Assistant Community Lay Director

Fills in for the Community Lay Director (CLD) in His/her absence by: 

  • Oversees and orchestrates the activities of the Emmaus Community. 
  • Plans and conducts board meetings and ensure board members follow through on their assignments. 
  • Represents a mature understanding of the Emmaus movement, the Emmaus ministries programs, and team formation in order to help the board make decisions that ensure that Emmaus is of high quality and a positive influence in the life of the Christian community. 
  • Along with the Spiritual Director and Board Representative, solves situations that possibly hurts the integrity of the event according to the Community and Upper Room Emmaus Ministries standards. The CLD never unilaterally or arbitrarily interferes with the appointed leadership of an Emmaus Ministries event or with its efforts to carry out assigned responsibilities. 
  • The CLD participates in Closing of Emmaus Ministries events as indicated in the Closing agenda, by welcoming the event participants to the Emmaus community, announcing upcoming Emmaus activities, and presenting the team leaders for the next events. If the CLD cannot be present, then he or she makes sure an appropriate lay leader on the Emmaus Board undertakes this. 
  • The CLD represents the Emmaus Community to the broader Emmaus Ministries Community. 
  • The CLD carries out his or her responsibilities in a sprit of teamwork with the Board of Directors.
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The primary responsibilities for the Board Secretary position include: 

  • Is a member of the Board 
  • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of organization’s records 
  • Manages minutes of board meetings 
  • Ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting 
  • Is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters, etc.) to note applicability during meetings
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The treasurer of Emmaus of SE Michigan is a board member with responsibility for the finances of the organization separate from Chrysalis. The main responsibilities are:

  • Managing the two accounts (checking and savings) at the Community Financial Credit Union, and the Paypal account. 
  • The expenses for the walks and other things (insurance, licensing, donations, trailer maintenance, etc.) are paid. 
  • The income from pilgrim and team member payments (via Paypal and checks), and donations are used to pay the expenses. 
  • The tax forms are also part the treasurer responsibilities. 
  • Reports on the accounts are made to the board at the monthly meetings.
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The Board Registrar responsibilities include:

Prayer Chair

The Board Prayer Chairperson responsibilities include:

Music Chair

The Board Music Chairperson responsibilities include:

Team Selection

The Board Team Selection Chairperson responsibilities include:

  • Providing the Board a list of prequalified candidates for Lay Director. 
  • Maintaining progressive servanthood list of LDs, ALDs, TLs, ATLs and lead support roles. 
  • Providing Lay Directors with list of prequalified candidates to serve on the conference room and support teams 
  • Assisting the LD with position assignments based on previous position experience and honoring the principle of progressive servanthood. 
  • Receiving all team applications from website and forwards them to the LD. 
  • Assisting the LD in recruiting team members.   
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Site Selection

The Board Site Selection Chairperson responsibilities include: 

  • Provide the Board of Directors a list of churches that can host the Walk T0 Emmaus for the three-day weekend
  • Goal is to have at least three churches that commit to holding a walk. i.e.: fall of 2020; Spring of 2021; fall of 2021. 
  • Ask Emmaus Community Laity and Clergy for recommendations. Those that have worked a walk or two, usually know the space, days/times needed. 
  • Once Church is recognized, Contact the Pastor. If Pastor is agreeable, he or she can start the internal church approvals. Provide the church with desired dates for both walk’s, dates/times for training days and of course the reunion day. 
  • Meet with the church’s key people for planning and walk through. 
  • Let the church know that at least five spaces for their pilgrims will be available on the walk up to two weeks prior to the walk.
  • Check for shower locations, on-site or off. 
  • Need room to store the Emmaus trailers between men’s/women’s walks. 
  • Church to receive monetary stipend for use of their facility and supplies.
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Agape Chair

The Board Agape Chairperson responsibilities include: 

  • The Board Chairperson for Agape will request Agape letters/wall agape from other Emmaus communities on the Upper Room website and will respond to other Emmaus community’s requests for letters to support their Walks. 
  •  Send Agape letters to other communities per their requests. Maintain a record of letters sent to other communities and dates requested/sent 
  • Attends the first team orientation training session and provide training for the Agape team. 
  • Responsible for the prayer charts getting to the Thursday Sponsor’s Hour at the walk site and to make sure the Prayer Chart volunteers have the charts at the monthly gatherings. 
  • Make sure writing materials, maybe even cards, are available (even at candlelight) so letters can be written for pilgrims. 
  • Promote Agape contributions for the Walks through community activities such as Community gatherings, reunion groups, and community website articles.
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Chrysalis Chair

The Board Chrysalis Chairperson responsibilities include:

  • Being an active and sitting member of the SE MI Chrysalis Board of Directors.
  • Attending monthly Emmaus Board meetings and Gatherings; become acquainted with the Emmaus Community and collaborate to share prayer, information, resources in support of Chrysalis and Emmaus Communities.
  • Reporting on the upcoming Chrysalis events for all surrounding communities.
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with Southeast Michigan Emmaus Community.
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Candlelight Chair

The Board Candlelight Chairperson responsibilities include: 

  • Being an active EMSEM board member. 
  • Coordinating Candlelight Services . 
  • Arranging for Clergy person who has taken a walk to conduct service and communion. Get assistants to help. 
  • Coordinating with Agape team to read Pilgrim & Team lists. 
  • Arranging musicians who are not on walk to lead worship. 
  • Maintaining, candles and luminaries, lights etc. 
  • Making announcements and oversee service. 
  • Contacting church as to whether they would rather have altar flowers or a donation.  
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Gatherings Chair

The Board Gatherings Chairperson responsibilities include:

  • Procure church for the gathering, and confirm space, dates & times. 
  • Arrange for Clergy person who has taken a walk to conduct service and communion. 
  • Arrange musicians to lead worship. 
  • Find a person to give their testimonial. 
  • Get there early to help set up, stay until everything is cleaned up and back to where it was. 
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Supplies Chair

The Board Supplies Chairperson responsibilities include:

  • Manage storage and maintenance of trailers 
  • Arrange for transport of trailers to and from walk locations 
  • Support loading and unloading of trailer contents to maintain organization 
  • Inventory, purchase and restock trailer materials used after each set of walk weekends 
  • Store excess supplies inventory 
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Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator responsibilities include:

Fourth Day Reunion Group Chair

The Fourth Day Reunion Chairperson responsibilities include: