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Prayer Vigil

Members of the Emmaus community shower the walk in 72 hours of continual prayer.

Over the 72 hours of the event, members from the Emmaus community will be in continual prayer for the participants and team members. The on-site prayer team will Prayer Walk the host church throughout the weekend, pray for each activity that takes place and will pray over each presenter and their talk presentations. 

Community members can sign up to pray by clicking on the link for the 72-hour prayer vigil which is located below. The Prayer Vigil board will be displayed on Friday afternoon of the Walk as a real and tangible sign to the Pilgrims of the Agape Love and support of the Emmaus Community. Many pilgrims are deeply moved upon recognizing names of sponsors, family members and fellow Christians who have pledged to interrupt their schedules or remain awake at various hours of the night to pray.

Upcoming Prayer Vigils

72-Hour Prayer Vigil for Men’s Walk #188

February 24-27, 2022

72-Hour Prayer Vigil for Women's Walk #189

March 3-6, 2022