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Fourth Day

What is Fourth Day?

Moses’ experience with the burning bush was a momentous occasion. But we would never have known about that experience except for what he did afterward – a pilgrimage that lasted another forty years.

The goal of an Emmaus 3-day journey is not just a great mountaintop experience but a revitalized and sustained spiritual relationship with Christ and the church as you live out your Fourth Day as disciples of Jesus Christ in the World.

At the conclusion of your 3-Day Journey on the Road to Emmaus, what will you do with your fourth day? How will you spend every day for the rest of your life? The three-day Emmaus experience will give you the tools to walk with the Lord every day.

The Emmaus community offers opportunities to connect with others in the Emmaus community, your local church and Fourth Day groups for mutual encouragement, guidance, and accountability on your Fourth Day.

Fourth Day Reunion Gathering

A Fourth Day Reunion Gathering is held at the conclusion of each set of walks.  It is a time for the participants and team members to gather and share what God has been doing since they took the 3-Day journey.

Fourth Day Reunion Gathering for Walk #188 & #189

Plymouth First United Methodist Church

45201 N Territorial Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170

Saturday, March 12, 2022 @ 1 pm

Fourth Day Groups

Fourth Day Groups…

Fourth Day Groups are a means by which participants can persevere in grace during the Fourth Day. Groups consist of two to six persons who meet regularly at a regular time for about an hour in prayer, support, and encouragement of one another to live toward the Christian ideal of a grace-filled life. These groups may include persons who have attended and Emmaus event and those who have not.

Key Features of Fourth Day Groups…

  • Plan a specific time and place.
  • Commit not only to God but to one another.
  • Prepare to share.
  • Practice your disciplines of piety, study, and action.
  • Uphold one another by being accountable.
  • Pray for one another.
  • Focus on service.
  • Be in mission together.
  • Be spiritual friends, one who listens more deeply than you can listen to yourself.

Men’s Group

Plymouth, Michigan

Zoom Thursday mornings at 7am

Organizing to meet in person.

Contact: Brent Howlett at or 734-756-0751


Men’s Group


Simm’s Cafe

7am Saturday mornings

Contact: Jerry Mowl at 810-241-6528

Women’s 4th Day Group 

“Love & Light” Rochester, MI meets weekly on THURSDAY @2:00 pm

Hybrid Zoom

For location and instructions please contact Karen Fisher at or

Call or text @ 248-709-7429

Mixed Group

Davison, MI (East of Flint)

 Men and women begin with a meal, prayer, and worship time and then split into separate areas.

Contact: Steve Long  248-807-5477


4th Saturday of each month 6pm

Richfield UMC 10090 E. Coldwater Rd.,

  Davison, MI 48423

Women’s Group

Fenton UMC

Fenton, Michigan

Wednesdays 8-9am conference call

Contact: Nancy Culbertson at


“Good-Da Gals”

Meet 2nd and 4th Mondays


10133 Lapeer Rd

Apt. 227

Davison,  Michigan 48423

Contact: Faith White 810-922-3239



Women’s Group

Atherton UMC 4010 Lippincott Blvd., Burton Michigan 48519

Various Wednesdays

Please call or text contact Deb Lakies to see when meeting.

Deb Lakies 810-730-5757 or


Women’s Group

Flat Rock UMC

Thursdays 6:30pm (time and location varies in summer)

Please contact Pastor Amy Triebwasser to see when and where meeting in summer.


Pastor Amy Triebwasser at 734-673-1139